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23rd February 2020

To my knowledge there are three different types of testosterone replacement. You have "AndroGel" which is a cream and sometimes comes in a patch. There are testosterone pellets that you can have implanted every few months, and there is good old fashioned injectable test!! I have never messed with creams, patches, or pellets. I think a bottle of straight testosterone is the best possible option, because it's a steadier release and won't have the constant elevation and drop of test levels. Not to mention I do not like the idea of walking around with pellets in my ass or having to rub cream on my skin every day that could potentially damage my skin or rub against someone and possibly cause them adverse effects. I would opt for good old fashioned injectable testosterone!!

Now, a lot of doctors will want you to come into their office once every 2 weeks for a shot. This is not optimal for me, because by day 9-10 after my shot I'm starting to drop lower. I think 2 weeks is just too damn long to go between shots. Also, it's more expensive since you have to pay for every visit (or at least a copay) which is another reason why they want you in there every 2 weeks. There is absolutely no reason you cannot do shots yourself in the comfort of your own home. Once per week shots will make you feel much better than once every couple weeks, trust me on that!! The standard protocol for 90% of men is 100mg of testosterone cypionate every week or 200 mg every 2 weeks. This may not be enough to get you to an optimal level.

I don't want to be average; I want to be at the high end of hormone replacement. I take 200mg each week and that is enough to put me right around 1200ng/dl the day after my shot and about 6-700ng/dl by around day 7 after the shot. The lowest I want to be at is 6-700ng/dl. So for me, 100mg each week would not be enough. But for someone else it may be enough to feel good and perform better. I don't think I've been outside of that range now for the past few years, and this is even when I use other steroids alongside my hormone replacement.

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