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25th February 2020

Your doctor may want you to start donating blood if you're on testosterone replacement. But even if he doesn't mention it, it's never a bad idea to start donating blood to keep your organs healthier and your lab numbers in check. Donating blood makes a huge difference in your lab results and it's a healthy practice to get into. It's believed that women statistically outlive men because they have a menstrual cycle each month for over half of their lives, and in this process new blood is made as old blood is being flushed out. This pulls toxins out of the organs of the body and is sort of like a detox for your body. Think of this as giving your body an oil change!!

To donate blood you need to first find a donor center such as Red Cross or the organization that handles blood donation where you're located. You will have to fill out some paperwork and/or an electronic questionnaire before you're allowed to donate. This questionnaire asks you all sorts of things about your health, sexual practices, tattoos, and travel in places outside of your country. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to fill this out and you will be required to do it each time you donate.

DO NOT TELL THEM YOU ARE DONATING FOR HORMONE REPLACEMENT OR FOR THERAPEUTIC REASONS!!! They aren't supposed to take blood from people doing it for therapeutic reasons. All they need to know is that you're a good citizen and doing your part to help out!!

Now, in many donor centers you have the option of donating "whole blood" or what is called "double reds." I always donate double reds. Donating double reds is only allowed every 120 days or so, and this process involves taking twice as many red blood cells as whole blood, and pumping your plasma and platelets back into you. It's pretty neat actually: during the donation you can see the different parts of the blood getting separated into a few different bags and then your arm gets a little cold feeling as the components of the blood get put back into your body. I was a little squeamish the first time I did this, but after a few minutes it was no big deal!!

Donating double reds usually takes me about 20-25 minutes or so, and I usually sit there on my phone checking emails and doing whatever to kill the time. Donating whole blood only takes about 10 minutes. With whole blood you're allowed to donate every 2 months. A lot of guys opt for donating whole blood, but I always just go with double reds. And in all honesty, it does feel good knowing that my steroid tainted blood is helping to save lives!! I wonder who out there is walking around with my blood in them?

After the donation they encourage you to have a snack before leaving. Sometimes I'll hang out and have some popcorn and a drink and talk to someone else there at the snack table. All joking aside, it's a very nice feeling when I donate, and the people there are very friendly to me. It's an even better feeling when I raid the snacks and drinks and bring home stuff for the kids' school lunches too. They haven't complained yet, and a few times I've even gotten T-shirts, bowling tickets, and coupons for free ice cream. Once you get over feeling like a junkie with a needle in your vein, it's actually a pretty decent experience!!

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