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2nd March 2020

Another way I occasionally dose compounds is to go once every 4th day. I take a slightly higher amount than I'd use if going the standard 2 days per week injection schedule and I hit it every 4th day. So for example, if I was to inject on Monday then my next injection day would be Friday. It's the day you inject, 3 days off in between, and injecting again the following day. So next week it would be Tuesday and Saturday, so on and so forth.

I might do something like 150mg of Primo every 4th day, or 125mg of Deca. I will load up my test in the same syringe as another compound and I will inject them every 4th day. When you're on hormone replacement and you're sticking yourself all the time on a regular basis, this is a nice way to find a happy medium between using just a little bang with your test, and not feeling like a pin cushion. This just allows you to go a little longer between injections while still getting the added benefit of another compound used in a moderate amount safely.

I know guys who do this with other compounds that are recommended at "a minimum of twice/wk". They get away with it and have no issues, but these are older and very experienced individuals. I would never go every 4th day dosing if you're new to a steroid that is recommended at 2-3 times/wk. It all depends on how you react to it. I can now run shit that is supposed to be taken every other day and hit it twice/wk and be fine. Yes, I still get great results. I believe the reason side effects are not as prevalent for me as many other guys is because I'm always running a long chain test and usually an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex or Aromasin, so sides such as estrogen fluctuation or the rise and fall of testosterone are pretty much kept at bay. I would only suggest every 4th day dosing if you're more experienced.

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