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Since two individual trenbolone esters have already been treated with trenbolone acetate and trenbolone enanthate in the preceding chapters, a combination preparation of different esters may not be lacking. Not least because of this, in order to clean up once again with one or the other myth.


One of the greatest myths in combination drugs is that they should have a better effect and in every respect. The reason for this is the optimum matching of the individual esters. In particular, in the case of trenbolone, it is forgotten that there is no official drug with such a composition, let alone scientific studies on the subject. This myth is based solely on testosterone combination preparations such as "Sustanon 250", the testosterone esters of which are matched to one another in such a way that they have both a direct and a long-term effect. However, it is quickly forgotten that drugs such as "Sustanon 250" are used in the testosterone replacement therapy and are therefore injected only every few weeks. But what happens when someone comes up with the idea and such a preparation, as usual in bodybuilding circles, is injected once a week or more? Correct, the actual purpose, namely a fairly constant level of active substance over several weeks, is missed. Some extreme level fluctuations are the only logical consequence, including all accompanying side effects.

This is also the case with combination preparations containing different trenbolone esters. While the longer esters such as the enanthate develop more or less uniformly over weeks, new trenbolone is repeatedly injected by one or more weekly injections, which leads to new level fluctuations due to the short-term esters such as the acetate.

Another myth about combination preparations is that they are said to give a more intense "kick". While the long-term esters build up a solid active substance base, the short-term esters should provide a further increase in performance after each injection. Not completely out of the question, it does not really matter why active substance levels are accepted like a roller coaster ride, if the use of trenbolone enanthate can achieve a constant performance increase. Instead of adding 100 or 200 mg of trenbolone enanthate or hexahydrobenzyl carbonate and increasing the effect after each injection by short-term esters in the short term, it would be more sensible to switch to 300 or 400 mg of trenbolone enanthate as a single active substance per week to feel the constant effect.

As far as the basic effect of trenbolone is concerned, I recommend the profile of trenbolone acetate. Whether it is an acetate, enanthate or hexahydrobenzyl carbonate ester or in the form of a combination preparation - trenbolone does not convert to estrogens in any dosage. Side effects such as increased water storage or accumulation of fat in the problem zones are not to be expected in the application.

Although trenbolone is not nearly as androgenic as has always been claimed, it still provides a good bite during training, which is explained by the weakening of the conversion of cortisone to cortisol and the prevention of the binding of cortisol to the corresponding receptors. Another positive effect of cortisol blocking is a strongly anticatabolic effect, since cortisol itself has a muscle-degrading effect. This effect is particularly important during a tough competition diet. Especially in combination with testosterone and / or stanozolol, trenbolone can help to preserve hard-worked muscle mass. If this alone is not enough to see it as an optimal competition steroid, you should know that it acts as an aldosterone antagonist for an increased excretion of sodium and liquid, i.e. acts diuretically. This partly explains the dramatic improvements in form which occur under trenbolone use. Trenbolone is also excellently suited for mass build-up, since it also stimulates IGF-1 production in addition to an intense anabolic effect.


The side effects of trenbolone are, of course, the typical progesterone effects for non-testosterone derivatives and associated libido and potency problems. A gynecomastia should not occur during use, but it can not be excluded to one hundred percent, especially if there are increased estrogen levels parallel to the progesterone effect, for example when a depot testosterone is injected simultaneously. In addition, it restricts the body's production of testosterone relatively quickly and permanently, which is why an intensive post-cycle therapy with HCG and clomifene and / or tamoxifen is standard.

Apart from this, trenbolone use is particularly affected by an increase of blood pressure, a deterioration in the blood fat levels, sleep disturbances and, in some cases, extreme perspiration. Contrary to different rumors Trenbolon does not attack the kidneys, at least not a single scientific proof could be found so far.


Trenbolone mixtures are, like testosterone mixtures, difficult to dose, since the various esters are not optimally matched to one another and therefore drug fluctuations in the blood are unavoidable. For this reason, trenbolone mixtures, similar to "Sustanon 250" or "Omnadren 250" are usually injected every three to seven days. Larger quantities from 500mg are distributed to two weekly injections because of the typical drug concentrations of 100-200mg / ml, while lower dosages are administered once a week, usually every five to seven days.


Since Trenbolone interferes strongly with the body's production of hormones, no matter what ester, a well thought-out post-cycle program is almost obligatory. Two weeks before the cure end it is usually done with HCG, clomiphene and tamoxifen citrate then follow directly afterwards.

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