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An ester such as propionate, enanthate or cypionate is a particular carboxylic acid attached to the 17-beta-hydroxyl group of a steroid with a particular intention, namely, to prolong the dwell time after injection of the particular steroid in the body. By the attachment of an ester, the water solubility of a steroid decreases, while the fat solubility increases. The injected steroid accumulates in the muscle and is released into the bloodstream more slowly than if it had been injected unesterified. The respective esters which can be used differ in the length - the longer the ester chain, the slower the depot is degraded by special enzymes and releases the respective steroid.


The esterification of a steroid offers both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage has already been mentioned: esterified steroids offer a kind of depot effect, which means that they have to be injected less frequently. A disadvantage is that the attached ester has a certain weight and thus an esterified steroid contains less steroid active substance than might be expected. 250 mg of testosterone enanthate contain, for example, only about 180 mg of pure testosterone, 70mg is attributable to the enanthate ester. Athletes who inject 1,000 mg of testosterone enanthate per week therefore ultimately result in "only" 720 mg of pure testosterone.

This is exactly the case with trenbolone. 100 mg of trenbolone acetate contain only 87 mg of pure trenbolone and 100mg of trenbolone enanthate even less, namely just 72 mg. If you like to know how much trenbolone you get, use trenbolone base.

It is usually only used by athletes, not because of the lack of calculation, but rather because unesterified trenbolone acts directly after the injection and thus helps the athlete to a fast and above all noticeable "kick".

In practice this means that the body temperature rises shortly after the injection, many users speak of regular heat waves. Those who have been talking for some time, have gained experience with steroids, and are able to listen to their bodies, also speak of a rapid increase in mental well-being, which is described as a kind of motivation. Many athletes inject trenbolone base two hours before a heavy workout, which is also shown by the power in the studio. Increases of 10% and more are not a rarity here.

The question whether the use of trenbolone base makes sense to muscle building, however, must be negated. The half-life of unesterified trenbolone is only a few hours, so daily injections would be necessary to build continuously with it. For this reason, most people prefer the use of trenbolone enanthate or hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, while trenbolone base is injected exclusively on selected days before a heavy workout or daily in the last few weeks prior to a competition to give the muscle the ultimate touch. And here, trenbolone, whether in the form of base or with an attached ester, is still one of the most effective and most useful steroids.


The side effects are those typical for trenbolone, such as increased blood pressure, sleep disorders, worsening of the blood fat values and sometimes extreme sweating.


Beginners and female athletes usually do not use trenbolone base. There are certainly more suitable active substances.

In the hobby area, usually 50 mg are used every day or every second day, while competitive and professional athletes increase this dosage to 100-150 mg per day, especially during the last weeks of a diet, to get a maximum of muscle hardness. Here, trenbolone base is primarily used with other competition steroids such as testosterone propionate, stanozolol, drostanolone and / or fluoxymesterone.

Powerlifters use trenbolone base at a dosage of 100-150 mg two hours before a heavy training unit to get more aggressive and to benefit from an immense increase in strength.


Since trenbolone strongly affects the body's hormone production due to its progesterone effect, sustainable post-cycle therapy makes sense. Two weeks before the cure end HCG is usually used and clomifene and tamoxifen citrate directly afterwards. For nandrolone derivatives, the combined use of clomifene and tamoxifen citrate appears to be very useful.

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