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Popular with all who are afraid of syringes, or are looking for a strong oral steroid, or an oral testosterone variant, they are well supplied with Andriol, the testosterone undecanoate. All you need to know about this is here:


In Andriol with the active substance testosterone undecanoate, it is an oral testosterone preparation, which was brought by the company Organon on the market in the early eighties. The dosage form of Andriol differs from all other known dosage forms of anabolic androgenic steroids. Since orally administered testosterone is almost completely destroyed during the so-called first pass by the liver and 17-alpha-alkylated methyltestosterone is stable when taken orally, but the liver has been heavily loaded, something new was thought out. The testosterone molecule was provided with a long undecanoate ester, whereby the resulting testosterone undecanoate molecule became very soluble in fat. This testosterone undecanoate is dissolved in castor oil and filled into gel capsules. When taken orally, the well fat-soluble testosterone undecanoate is absorbed in the small intestine via the lymphatic system and thus bypasses the destructive first pass through the liver. After the testosterone undecanoate has arrived in the bloodstream, the ester is removed and free circulating testosterone remains.


On the paper, Andriol may look like the perfect anabolic androgenic steroid. Andriol is not liver-damaging because the active substance testosterone undecanoate is not 17-alpha-alkylated, it does not have to be injected and the contained active substance testosterone is known for its good muscle-building effect. In practice, the bioavailability of testosterone supplied in the form of Andriol is very low, so that in comparison to injected testosterone or 17-alpha-alkylated methyltestosterone, enormous amounts of orally supplied testosterone undecanoate are needed to reach half-passable active substance levels. At doses up to 240 mg testosterone undecanoate, in practice, even in the case of steroid newcomers, hardly any effect is visible. Even at doses ranging from 320 to 400 mg of testosterone undecanoate per day, beginners report only moderate mass gains, usually ranging from 5 pounds over a period of 6 weeks. If we now take into account the high price of such an Andriol dose, which is in the range of ten times a weekly injection of 250 mg testosterone enanthate, which probably corresponds to 400 mg Andriol daily.


If, in spite of everything, you are convinced to achieve a minimum anabolic effect by oral intake, there are a few other points which should be observed with Andriol. According to a course curve, the active substance level of the testosterone in blood reaches its maximum after approximately 2 hours and then drops to zero again over 8 to 10 hours. This explains why, in practice, the best results are obtained when all 3 to 4 hours of 80 mg Andriol are taken. Longer intervals would lead to excessive fluctuations in testosterone levels. Another problem is that the ability of the lymphatic system to absorb testosterone undecanoate varies greatly from person to person, which can result in very different individual dosages being necessary.


With Andriol the rumour is stubbornly going around that this has no side effects and also does not suppress the body's testosterone production. However, taking into account that the active substance of Andriol is only another form of testosterone, the layman should immediately recognize that Andriol has potentially the same side effects as any other testosterone preparation. The fact that in practice only rarely such side effects are observed, it is almost certain that the testosterone levels achieved by the intake of Andriol in the body are so small that they can cause only minimal side effects.

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