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Testosterone suspension is basically testosterone without ester attached to it. It gets into your system quickly, and gives excellent power gains for a workout. All you should know about this topic is here:


While shots can usually be more painful, the support that testosterone suspension can give a workout is unbelievable!! The disadvantage of this is that you have to inject frequently, since there is no carrier for the hormone and it is in and out of you quickly. Well, most guys propose injection of this every day or even twice a day, but I've never used it this way. From my experience with suspension, as long as I used a long-chain test behind it, I could only use it on training days and I would inject it an hour before the workout. For best results, the test suspension should be used for at least 6 weeks.

The good part about suspension is when you inject 100 mg, you can bet that your system gets every 100 mg since there is no ester or conversion process with it.

The bad side is water retention and estrogen side effects such as gyno can be much more likely. You want to use something a little more powerful than Nolvadex with it. I would use Arimidex with it and I would go 1mg / day of Arimidex just to be on the safe side. Suspension is available in a water-based and oil-based version. I would choose an oil base if at all possible, because shots tend to hurt less with it. If you have a water-based version, then I would suggest cutting it with oil, such as B-12. The syringe looks a little strange with the water and oil separation, but it is perfect to inject with it.

As mentioned above, you will want to use a long-acting test behind it. 500 mg / week of testosterone cypionate or enanthate would be a good choice. / I would perform this cycle for 10 weeks during the use of the test suspension for the first 6 weeks during the cycle. Test suspension is a joint combination of MMA fighters for the quick onset of aggression and intensity, and you should also notice a damn good kick in your workouts with it. I would not use the suspension if you cut, it is better for fast mass / power cycles.


Steroid novices do not use testosterone suspension. For the muscle build up here, a depot testosterone or the short-acting testosterone propionate would be a much better choice.

Hobby or recreational bodybuilders are also not suitable candidates for testosterone suspension. Testosterone enanthate or propionate should also be preferred in this group of people.

Only in exceptional cases can the testosterone suspension be applied in the short term so as e.g. to break a training or development plateau. In this case, a daily injection of 50-100 mg for a maximum period of 4 weeks is possible.

However, the same effect can also be achieved with testosterone propionate.

Testosterone suspension is also hardly used in professional bodybuilding. Only athletes who do not have access to testosterone propionate can use testosterone suspension in the last four weeks before a championship. In order to support the storage of glycogen during the carbohydrate recharge phase just before a competition, the insulin is nowadays preferred in profibodybuilding. Nevertheless, the best results in terms of glycogen supercombination can be achieved when the athlete combines the insulin with the extremely fast-acting testosterone suspension. Whoever, after a carbohydrate-rich meal, combines 10 I.E. short-acting insulin with 25 mg Testosterone Aqueus Suspension will achieve an incredible glycogen storage effect. This combination, unfortunately forgotten, is also extremely effective in build-up phase when used in combination with a carbohydrate-rich meal after training. This greatly accelerates the physical regeneration and the muscles experience an unusually bulging and thick appearance.

Female bodybuilders can inject Testosterone Aqueus Suspension at a dosage of 25 mg per day in the last two weeks before a competition so as to improve overall muscle hardness while keeping the muscle volume high in the final phase of the diet.

Because Testosterone Aqueus Suspensions have a fast and potent inhibitory effect on endogenous testosterone production, male athletes who have used this steroid for more than 3 weeks should start with an intensive post-cycle therapy with clomiphene and / or tamoxifen.

  • WEEKS 1-6: 100 mg of test suspension one hour pre-workout on training days
  • WEEKS 1-10: 500 mg / week of testosterone cypionate or test enanthate


100 mg / day of Clomid days 1-10 (2 weeks after the last test shot), ? mg of Arimidex per day for 4 weeks, starting with the day after the last shot and 2 weeks in Clomid therapy. If you decide, you can continue with Arimidex at ? mg / day throughout the Clomid use (you can do this with each cycle). While certainly not necessary, this would be a fail-safe method to prevent a possible estrogen reaction that can occur after 2 weeks of Clomid use. While it is not necessary for some, others can find this beneficial.


Side effects of testosterone suspension include: huge increase in aggression, greasy skin, acne, big water retention and possible gynecomastia. You want to include DEFINITELY Arimidex with it. Nolvadex is not strong enough here, go with Arimidex.

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