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Testosterone Propionate (or Test Prop for short) is a quicker acting form of Testosterone, and requires an injection schedule of every other day. Because it is faster acting than Enanthate or Cypionate, Test Prop will provide noticeable effects with energy, mood, and sexual libido a bit quicker. The drawback to using Prop is that the post-injection pain tends to sting a little bit - quite a bit more than Enanthate or Cyp. Also, running a base steroid that has to be injected every other day can be a chore, especially if it is not being used in conjunction with any other short ester drug (such as Trenbolone Acetate). Some powerlifters will opt to switch out Enanthate/Cyp for Prop towards the end of their cycle for meet peaking & meet day, as the quicker acting testosterone is believed to help a bit more with strength and recovery. Honestly, using Prop is more of a chore than it might be worth for you, and should be left alone unless you are needing an extra edge for a meet that matters a lot to you (every meet matters, but you get my point).

Testosterone Propionate is an injectable hormone used by bodybuilders to increase mass, strength, conditioning, as well as promoting recovery and rejuvenation and has virtually the same properties as the other two testosterones above, aside from Propionate is faster acting; is has an active life of just 2 to 3 days, which means, for maximum effect, injections should be administered every 2 to 3 days.


Testosterone Propionate is also a relatively safe steroid to use, with some studies showing no adverse effects from a 20-week cycle at 600mgs a week. Testosterone Propionate causes the least side effects than the other testosterones, and the least water retention, and is often the testosterone of choice in cutting cycles. For more rapid gains, Testosterone Propionate is frequently used by bodybuilders as a front-loading compound, where much larger dosages are injected over the first two weeks of a cycle, in conjunction with longer acting testosterones, in order to raise the blood levels of the hormone quickly and until the longer-acting testosterone kicks in, and then the Propionate stopped.

Testosterone Propionate stacks well with almost every other steroid. Some athletes stack propionate with cypionate or enanthate as they want the quick start action of propionate before the cypionate and enanthate depots begin to exert their effect. Athletes needing a testosterone surge after an Anadrol 50 cycle will stack propionate during the Anadrol taper. Propionate is also successfully used with Winstrol depot and Dianabol. Propionate should always be stacked with Nolvadex (1 tab per day) and or an anti-estrogen especially at the higher dosages.

Although fast-acting, it can still be detected in the system for up to 3 weeks.

Male bodybuilders take between 300mg to 2000mg a week, with females taking between 50 and 100mgs a week.


Side effects are often less common with propionate than with enanthate or cypionate. Like all testosterones, propionate is highly androgenic, extremely anabolic, aromatizes easily, and is moderately liver toxic. The high conversion to estrogen can lead to gynecomastia and fat storage. Propionate causes the body to retain water and minerals, a characteristic favored by some and opposed by others. Higher dosages can lead to a decreased sperm count and decreased natural testosterone production.

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