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Sustanon is a blend of four different testosterone esters (Propionate 30 mg, Phenylpropionate 60 mg, Isocaproate 60 mg, Decanoate 100 mg) that react positively together. The preparation is well liked in the US as it is fast acting and long lasting. Sustanon has been widely available in Europe for many years and is the most popular testosterone used by European athletes. Sustanon was designed to be used for medical hormone replacement where less frequent injections were seen to be advantageous. The blend of testosterones in Sustanon allows it to be recognized by the steroid receptors for longer periods of time than other testosterones. Athletes experience rapid and profound increases in muscular size and weight at a dose of 200-300 mg weekly.

The typical dosage for Sustanon is 250 mg / week or 500 mg / 10 days. Sustanon is active for up to four weeks in your body and injections can be administered as infrequently as every two weeks, although most users inject much more frequently.

This drug is most commonly used on a weight-gaining cycle stacked with an oral anabolic like Anavar or Winstrol, because Sustanon is effective at lower doses. With Sustanon, users report fewer side effects i.e. less aromatization, less water retention, less liver stress, and less hormonal system disturbances. Users report the usual irritability and aggressiveness with Sustanon as with other testosterones.

Proper PCT is required after a Sustanon cycle just as it would be after a cycle of any of the aforementioned testosterones.


Now you know a little more about the various testosterone esters, in the next chapters you'll see how to avoid typical cycling mistakes and also discover a brand new way of cycling Sustanon based on its complicated half-life that will blow your mind and push your gains into the stratosphere! The uninformed bodybuilder buys steroids online, from the drug dealer at his local gym, or from someone whom he finds anonymously on the Internet. These guys are so eager to get big, that they buy whatever the dealer's got on hand. They don't care what the optimal steroids to stack and cycle are for their individual body type and their physique goals - they just want to get going on a cycle. And they completely ignore the need for post-cycle therapy. But, it gets worse... Then, you try to design your cycle and you check out two places for guidance. First, you may let your drug dealer plan your cycle for you... big mistake! Or, worse, you go on the Internet and read up on how to cycle steroids on one of the many anabolic steroid discussion forums. Bigger mistake! You're getting advice from guys you've never even seen! You could be letting some welterweight troll sitting at home all day in the dark tell you how to build a steroid cycle just because this loser acts like an online-forum stud behind his keyboard. Assuming that your dealer did not sell you something of dubious quality or even counterfeit steroids, here are the two types of cycles your dealer and the guys online will likely recommend. I call them the Idiot Steroid Cycle and the Jackass Steroid Cycle.


The idiot's way to cycle steroids is based on the general consensus online that you inject a long-acting steroid like testosterone once per week on the same day of the week. Then you take a fast-acting steroid and inject it every other day. Possibly you stack an oral steroid taken once daily. Sound familiar? Sadly, the idiot's steroid cycle is usually the first cycle the 'virgin' athlete tries. What a shame! Often, the very first cycle you ever attempt will be the one your body responds to the most favorably. And, the idiot's steroid cycle does not usually produce good results in guys with average genetics - like most of us have. So, for the next cycle, the idiot tries out...


The jackass steroid cycle is based on the general consensus that you should literally flood your body with testosterone in dosages approaching an insane gram or two per day! Of course, all your receptors will be completely saturated at first, but your body will immediately attack the excess testosterone, and all of it will go to waste. Furthermore, it is the excess anabolic steroids that leads to all the terrible side effects like testicle atrophy (nut shrinkage) and gynecomastia (male breast tissue development). Other side effects experienced on the jackass steroid cycle include increased body fat, baldness, prostate enlargement, and impotence. For example, take a look at this common cycle of Sustanon 250. Novice users commonly cycle 10 cc's of Sustanon 250 in a five-week cycle at a dose of 500 mg per week. After they have finished 10 shots of Sustanon the user will take one month off after his last injection before starting this cycle again. Now, take a close look at the following diagram of how Sustanon breaks down in your body. First you'll notice that there are peaks and valleys of available anabolic steroids in your system. The problem here is that the goal of any steroid cycle is to fully saturate your available steroid receptor sites, and keep them at 100% saturation (but no more than 100% saturation), throughout the entire cycle. In the diagram below, you've got a roller coaster ride of anabolic availability where half the time you've got too much in your system and the other half the time you don't have enough. Second, you'll notice that four weeks after your last shot, right at the very end of the diagram, you would still have about 5 mg of testosterone active in your body. Although this small amount of hormone may seem insignificant, it is actually quite harmful. Your body will not return to its baseline levels of natural testosterone production until there are no supplemental hormones in the body. Only then will your balls decide that they are needed again and only then will they start to produce more of your own natural testosterone. Sometimes, your balls even need a kick-start in the form of an HCG injection in order for them to decide that it's time to get back to work! Repeating this cycle only makes it worse since it translates into a never-ending cycle, where you're back on anabolics before your body can return your hormone levels to normal and for the drugs to completely clear your receptors.

Cycling Sustanon in an attempt to achieve even hormone levels in the blood is very difficult. The first problem you will encounter while trying to achieve even blood levels of testosterone with Sustanon is the different release rates of the four different testosterone esters that make up the drug.

Sustanon is made up of 100 mg of testosterone decanoate which has a half-life of 14 days. The next drug in Sustanon is 60 mg of testosterone isocaproate which has a half-life of 8 days. The third drug is 60 mg of testosterone phenylpropioate with a 6-day half-life. And finally the last ester is testosterone propionate which has a half-life of 4 days. So not only is it extremely difficult to map out the life of these different testosterone esters, but Sustanon is only dosed at 250 mgs per ml. This means that if you are using ampoules of Sustanon, which must be used in their entirety or wasted, you have no choice but to dose the drug in multiples of 250 mg.

When you add other drugs into the mix, things get even more complicated. Even the injection site you select makes a significant difference in a steroid's half-life! For example, steroids injected into the gluteus maximus, your butt, are metabolized at a different rate than steroids injected in another muscle like the deltoids or shoulders.

So if neither the Idiot nor the Jackass cycles sound very appealing, you'll definitely appreciate the next section where I lift the lid on the RIGHT way to cycle Sustanon for maximum results!


While some AAS users simply buy and use their steroids in random and unplanned ways, the best way to get the most out of your steroids is to follow a logical and predetermined course or cycle. Cycles can be as short as a few weeks or virtually never-ending, depending on your level of experience, your goals, your budget, and the degree of risk you are prepared to take. If harsh orals are being used then it makes sense to keep the cycle relatively short. Whereas if long-acting and relatively safe injectable steroids are being used, a longer cycle might be a better choice.

Many users take more than one drug at a time - this is called stacking. It's a very common practice to stack an oral with an injectable steroid or combine several injectable steroids into the same cycle. While stacking is a popular approach, it's important to realize that you can still get great results from using just one steroid at a time. (Because all testosterones are equal as I explained earlier.)

When it comes to cycling, there are several common approaches that can work but may not always be the best way to go. For example, taking the same amount of product on the same day of every week for 8-10 weeks fails to take into account how long the steroid remains active in your body - the half-life.

By considering the half-life of the steroid you are using, you will be able to maintain stable, optimal levels of product in your system, which will maximize your results while minimizing end-of-cycle muscle loss and any potential health risks. Taking into account half-lives of steroids is CUTTING EDGE STUFF and something that most cycle designers and dealers are completely unaware of.

Here is a cycle example using one of the best testosterones around - Sustanon:

As you know from the Sustanon drug profile chapter, Sustanon is a long-acting, four-testosterone combination, developed to be the perfect hormone replacement drug. The four different testosterones are designed to enter the blood evenly over a one-month course. The purpose of this drug is to provide a high level of testosterone over a four-week period so that a patient is required to make only one doctor's office visit each month to undergo testosterone replacement therapy.


  • 30mgs Testosterone Propionate
  • 60mgs Testosterone Phenylpropionate
  • 60mgs Testosterone Isocaproate
  • 100mgs Testosterone Decanoate

The theory behind this time-released hormone replacement is genius. In practice, however, this drug contains two fast-acting esters (propionate and phenylpropionate) and two long-acting esters (isocaproate and decanoate). This combination provides an uneven release of hormones because the fast-acting esters will spike for the first three days, then the remaining long-acting esters will release evenly over the course of a month.

So although the drug will break down over the month, the fast-acting esters will ensure an uneven release of hormones. Diagram #1 below shows how a 500 mg deltoid injection breaks down in the body. And Diagram #2 below shows how a 500 mg glute injection breaks down in the body. Notice how you get a bigger bang for your buck initially by injecting in the glutes. However, I recommend deltoid injections as the Sustanon injected can promote both localized growth from fascia expansion and from the steroid itself. That is of course assuming you want bigger deltoids instead of bigger glutes. The intended once-per-month dosing would not serve well for hormone replacement therapy because the injection will spike dramatically on day one and releases unevenly in the body for almost six weeks.

Although Sustanon fails miserably as a once-per-month hormone replacement, it is actually one of the best standalone steroids available... If you have the knowledge to use it properly, that is. By standalone drug, I mean that Sustanon can be used by itself without being stacked with any other drugs. Actually, keep in mind that when you use Sustanon, you are already stacking 4 steroids together - the manufacturer just mixed them together for you.

Sustanon's long half-life, that has proven to be its downfall when stacked with other steroids, has been turned into its biggest advantage when taken alone. To take advantage of its extended release, Sustanon should always be site injected in the deltoids or shoulders.

When preparing for this cycle, you will need 31 ml's of Sustanon 250 for a seven-week cycle that will safely taper off for an additional 8 weeks.

One huge advantage of this drug is the fast-acting test propionate that will allow you to achieve 100mgs of hormone active in your blood in the first 24 hours. To ensure over 100mgs of testosterone in your blood, Sustanon must be front-loaded with 1500 mg injected on day one.

The best way to perform this is to inject 3 ml's of Sustanon in each deltoid for a total of 6cc's on day one.

Now this isn't for the timid as this injection will be painful. To minimize the pain, first place the amps into water that has just finished boiling for several minutes before injecting. This will decrease viscosity allowing the oil to flow through the syringe and into the injection site with ease. After injecting, be sure to massage the injection site as long as you can. Sleeping with a heating pad or patch will also minimize the pain and allow the drug to disperse from the injection site. And get a friend to help you use the Z-tracking method of injecting that I will explain in the bonus section below.

The largest drawback with using Sustanon is the difficulty of how to maintain even levels of testosterone in the blood. Just as the fast-acting propionate esters in this combination represent a large advantage, the slow-acting decanoate esters provide a huge drawback. The majority of the propionate and phenylpropionate esters enter the body in 48 hours but the decanoate slowly releases for around 8 weeks! It almost seems like Sustanon was invented to provide uneven levels of testosterone in your blood.

But, if we calculate the breakdown of this drug correctly, you will be able to maintain hormonal levels of over 100mgs on most days with very few peaks higher than 150mgs daily. To maintain these levels will require the Sustanon to be injected more than once a week. This amount of testosterone falls within the anabolic window and will provide excellent gains in size and strength accompanied by some fat loss and the other secondary beneficial effects of testosterone.


Here is the dosing schedule based on Figure 4 above for you to add to your calendar and to print out. You can see that this cycle requires 31 ampules of Sustanon 250 in total.

  • Day 1: 1500mg (6 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 5: 500mg (2 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 9: 250mg (1 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 11: 250mg (1 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 15: 500mg (2 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 18: 500mg (2 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 22: 500mg (2 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 25: 250mg (1 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 28: 500mg (2 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 32: 250mg (1 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 35: 500mg (2 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 39: 500mg (2 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 42: 250mg (1 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 45: 500mg (2 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 49: 500mg (2 Ampules at 250mg/ml)
  • Day 53: 500mg (2 Ampules at 250mg/ml)

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