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After an anabolic steroid cure, many ask themselves the question, how, or with which the respective steroid should be discontinued. Depending on the intensity of the cure, some do not set out at all, or resort to dietary supplements such as testosterone boosters and zinc combinations. As a rule, however, it is often also discontinued by medication. A popular remedy for this is tamoxifen, the most well-known of Nolvadex. All you need to know about this is here:


In medicine, tamoxifen is actually used in women with breast cancer. The growth of different types of cancer is accelerated by estrogen, which makes blocking this docking process extremely useful and effective. This reduces further growth. The active substance tamoxifen is also referred to as a selective anti-estrogen, in bodybuilding circles, tamoxifen is also referred to as an estrogen blocker.


The active substance tamoxifen, known by many under the name Nolvadex, is a very weak estrogen that binds to certain estrogen receptors in the body in order to prevent stronger estrogen forms from docking and becoming active there. Bodybuilders often use this to discontinue anabolic steroids, or to fight an estrogen-induced gynecomastia.

Two other advantages of the use of tamoxifen are, on the one hand, the favourable influence on cholesterol values and on the other hand the positive effect on bone structure. In principle, estrogens have a positive influence on the cholesterol and support the storage of calcium into the bones, which makes them stronger and more resilient. Some athletes also use tamoxifen to compensate for the catastrophic cholesterol levels through the good cholesterol when e.g. taking Winstrol.


For the prevention of gynecomastia, tamoxifen is dosed at 10-20 mg per day over the entire cure length. It is important that after the end of the cure the dosage is halved and taken 1-2 weeks to avoid a rebound effect.

In the case of an existing gynecomastia, doses of 20-60 mg are required, which should result in the complete reduction of gynecomastia after 2-3 weeks.

To discontinue anabolic steroids, the first week is dosed as a frontload with 60 mg in order to build up an effective level as quickly as possible. Thereafter, 20-30 mg daily should be taken for a further 5 weeks.


With regard to the side effects of tamoxifen, heat waves, mood fluctuations and rare disturbances of vision can occur in individual cases. Nevertheless, tamoxifen is not 17-alpha-alkylated, a lasting intake can also lead to liver damage. In addition, IGF1 secretion is reduced since free estrogen also plays a role in IGF1 formation.

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