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Tadalafil is the newest drug in the fight against "Erectile Dysfunction" (impotence). Whether generally for impotence or erectile dysfunction, or as a means for a massive increase of the pumping effect before competitions in the field of power sport and bodybuilding, this substance is used. Viagra has varied effects. All you should know about this topic is here:


Just like its predecessor sildenafil, tadalafil blocks the enzyme "PDE5", which results in more blood entering the corpus cavernosum and thus an erection is easier to achieve. Even a single dose of only 10-20 mg yields the desired result within 30-45 minutes. Apart from the smaller amount of active substance required, tadalafil also has a longer lifespan than the popular sildenafil, which for its part has gained worldwide fame under the drug name "Viagra". Scientific studies confirm to the active ingredient tadalafil the period of effect of at least 24 hours. In practice, times of up to three days have been achieved, which has brought Cialis also the nickname "Weekend Pill".


In addition to its ability to increase blood flow into the penis, Tadalafil also supports blood flow into the muscles. For bodybuilders, this means not only a better muscle pump during the training, but also an increased nutrient transport to the muscles. Anyone who has already used tadalafil will be able to confirm that this drug keeps the blood flow into the muscles even higher than normal for many hours after intake. If you e.g. take tadalafil before the sexual act in the evening and then exercise the next day, you will definitely notice an improved pumping effect during the workout. Whether this ultimately promotes the muscular build-up is questionable. The fact is, however, that the athlete is able to enjoy more strongly pumped muscles in the training. Competition bodybuilders can use tadalafil on the day of the championship to improve the vascularity of the muscles and to facilitate the pumping up behind the stage. The same is true for bodybuilders who have a guest appearance or want to display their veins under their skin for a photo date.


10-20 mg are taken about half an hour before sexual intercourse. Tadalafil is also used half an hour before the training to improve the pump-up effect or the vascularity for a competition, guest appearance and photo date. Here, the higher dosage of 20 mg is mostly preferred by bodybuilders. If tadalafil is administered in combination with a meal, the effect of the action may be somewhat delayed.


The expected side effects are flushes, nasal congestion, headache, increased blood pressure, drowsiness and the worst, perhaps the "most beautiful" event for many users - case of priapism.

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