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Dry muscle mass, fat reduction and muscle hardness have made it so popular, the anabolic steroid Winstrol. Mainly applied in the diet, there is a neat thrust in many areas, not to mention the power rise. All you need to know about Winstrol is here:

The anabolic steroid stanozolol, best known under the name Winstrol, was officially patented by a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer in 1962. Winstrol is actually a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. However, Winstrol was expanded on a molecular level in comparison to other steroids, resulting in a fifth carbon ring. Most other anabolic steroids have only four of these rings. In addition, the oral form of Winstrol was 17-alpha-alkylated to make the active substance stanozolol more readily available orally.


Even if Winstrol is a dihydrotestosterone derivative, stanozolol has only a low androgenic effect, on average 30% lower than the other known anabolic steroids. Despite its strong anabolic effect, Winstrol is not a steroid known for building large amounts of muscle mass. However, stanozolol is known to build up moderate amounts of high-quality musculature, which is retained for the most part even after discontinuation.

The main application area of Winstrol is the diet and preparation for the competition. Stanozolol is known to contribute to an extremely hard and dry appearance, but in practice this is the case only when the body fat content is well below the 10% mark.

As a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, Winstrol can not be converted to estrogen in the body and has no progesterone effect, so the user does not have to worry about estrogen-induced side effects such as water retention or gynecomastia in stanozolol.


On account of the mentioned, short half-life, it is usually injected every 1-2 days. The amount varies from 50 mg every two days up to 100 mg daily.

In steroid beginners, 50 mg injection every second day or alternatively, 30 mg / day for the tablets, divided in three single doses, each with 10mg, is sufficient. The stanozolol can be combined with 200 mg methenolone enanthate / week or 250 mg testosterone enanthate / week for a period of up to 4-8 weeks, depending on the objective.

Hobby, or so-called lido bodybuilders, inject daily 50mg or 100mg every other day. The tablets are usually not used here. Usually, the stanozolol is used with testosterone propionate or, alternatively, boldenone undecylenate or methenolone enanthate.

Competitive athletes, especially in heavyweight, are more likely to go to the limit and inject each day the full 100mg. The tablet version is hardly ever used by an athlete. Here the stanozolol is particularly stacked with trenbolone acetate. 50-100 mg stanozolol / day as well as 50-100 mg trenbolone acetate / day are a perfect basis for a competition preparation.

In the build-up phase, however, the stanozolol is not used by advanced bodybuilders and professionals because the possible growth rates for these user groups would be too small. Only for building strength stanozolol comes at this stage isolated to the application, which is due to the already described risk of dehydration of the tendons and joints, a not too sensible approach.

Women inject either 50-100 mg per week or use daily 10-25 mg of tablet form. Stanozolol is used both during the build-up and during a diet. However, the partial strong side effects common to DHT derivatives should be considered. Acne, voice deepening, clitoris growth and head hair loss are to mention here.

Winstrol is often combined with non-aromatizing androgenic steroids such as halotestin or trenbolone during competition preparation. The combination of stanozolol with testosterone propionate or drostanolone propionate also proves to be excellent during this phase.

Since stanozolol influences the endogenous production of testosterone more strongly than was assumed for many years, a post-cycle therapy with at least clomiphene and / or tamoxifen is also useful after a cure.


However, the lack of estrogen-induced side effects should not mislead the fact that the active substance stanozolol is by no means harmless and ineffective. In addition to the liver harmfulness of Winstrol, which is associated with all the 17-alpha-alkylated anabolic androgenic steroids, the active substance stanozolol has a devastating effect on the cholesterol levels. Already 6 mg Winstrol per day can reduce the HDL cholesterol level, the good cholesterol, over 30% and in turn increase the LDL cholesterol level, the bad cholesterol, by about 30%. At higher doses the HDL cholesterol level can drop to almost no longer measurable values.

Even if the effects of orally administered Winstrol and injected stanozolol are very similar, which is not surprising since it is the exact same active substance including 17-alpha alkylation, orally administered Winstrol has an interesting property which is not associated with the injection of stanozolol or only to a much lesser extent: orally ingested Winstrol lowers the SHBG level in the body. Since SHGB binds free testosterone, which is then no longer active, the oral intake of Winstrol in combination with injected testosterone could lead to more testosterone in free and thus active form.

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