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Phentermine is a medication frequently used for weight loss and it acts by doing 2 main things in your body:

  1. Increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (AKA boosts your metabolism)
  2. Reduces your appetite (AKA you eat less!) All further information on phentermine you will find here:

This drug acts by stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain and these are the chemicals in the brain and the nervous system which is responsible for the communication between them. Phentermine pills work by interrupting the signals between the brain and the nervous system thus making the brain to believe that the body is not hungry. Since the leptin level in the body is affected by the pill, the appetite is suppressed. This is how phentermine works to trigger weight loss.


Phentermine is a sympathomimetic stimulant of the amphetamine family. Like other amphetamine derivatives, it is categorized as an anorectic (appetite suppressing) agent. Phentermine is commonly prescribed as a weight lass aid in obese patients. lt is typically used for short periods of time (less than 12 weeks), and as an adjunct to support an ongoing exercise and dieting regimen.The main focus is to curb the desire to eat, thereby reducing the total caloric intake. Although the data seems to vary from trial to trial, much of it supports at least a modest additional lass of fat mass with the use of phentermine hydrochloride. Athletes and bodybuilders use phentermine hydrochloride for the same purpose, typically when weight lass is required for physique remodeling or competition.


For optimal effectiveness, phentermine hydrochloride should not be taken with food. The usual adult dose is one capsule or tablet (37.5 mg) daily, administered before or 1-2 hours after breakfast. For some patients a half of a tablet (18.75 mg) daily may be adequate, while in other cases it may be advisable to give a half of a tablet (18.75 mg) twice daily. When taken more than once per day, the second dose should never be taken within 4-6 hours of sleep. The drug is typically used for 3-4 weeks at a time, with langer durations of therapy rarely exceeding 12 weeks. Bodybuilders and athletes typically use the prescribed amount of drug in a similar short-term fashion, due to the high likelihood of side effects as the dose escalates beyond the normal therapeutic range.


You should not take phentermine if you are allergic to phentermine, or if you have:

  • a history of heart disease (coronary artery disease, heart rhythm problems, congestive heart failure, stroke)
  • a history of pulmonary hypertension
  • severe or uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • overactive thyroid
  • glaucoma
  • if you are pregnant or breast-feeding
  • if you are in an agitated state
  • if you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • if you are allergic to other diet pills, amphetamines, stimulants, or cold medications

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