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Methandienone, known to many in the bodybuilding & powerlifting community as Dianabol or Dbol, is one of the very first synthetic steroids. Dianabol was the brand name used by Swiss pharmaceutical company Ciba for the steroid compound Methandrostenolone, and it is still the name recognized by current users even though Ciba no longer manufactures the steroid.

It was actually introduced back in the 1960s to help the US Olympic team beat the Soviets. Through the years, it has proven to be effective in quickly building mass and strength. Today, it is not quite approved in many bodybuilding circles due to the severe side effects, although for powerlifting it is one of the most effective anabolics you can use to peak out your strength for a meet.


The use of Dianabol is widespread in bodybuilding, and that's because it is really effective in building muscle mass & strength at a relatively low price. Plus, it is administered orally, which also brings relief to a lot of steroid users who are already mixing 2-3 other compounds in their injections.

Beginners can immediately notice improvements after a month or so of taking 25-30 mg per day. It is also taken in conjunction with other drugs, so that muscle mass improvements can be maximized. I personally dose Dianabol a little higher, and run it at a minimum of 50 mg per day. During the hardest week of training for peaking my strength, I'll even dose it up to 100 mg daily for a week. That being said, 100 mg daily is a LOT of Dianabol and causes elevated blood pressure & lethargy for virtually all users running a dose so high. Myself and some others I know have been able to sustain 100 mg for only about a week, but it sure does work in terms of getting your strength up & being able to recover from grueling training sessions.

Dianabol is almost exclusively used by bodybuilders who have room to spare in gaining weight, and are able to stay within range of a weight cut once water retention occurs from the drug. Have you ever seen a pro-level powerlifter with puffy looking cheeks and a red looking face? It's most likely from Dianabol use (if not Anadrol, which we'll cover very soon). If you are looking to do a meet and already 10-15 pounds above your weight class, you will either have to move up a class if you want to use Dianabol or be prepared to do a very serious cut to make weight. It is not uncommon for users to put on 8-15 pounds while running Dbol - the gain in water weight is very profound.

For first time users, I recommend running Dbol for a duration of 4 weeks at a lighter dose of 20-30 mg. Gauge your responsiveness to Dianabol and monitor side effects that you experience during your first cycle with it. Over time, you can eventually look at running Dbol for 6-8 week durations. I have personally done so without any serious long-term health complications. The key to running Dbol for a longer period of time is to keep your diet relatively clean & regulate your sodium intake. Sodium consumption will naturally boost up your blood pressure, and this is especially amplified when you're running Dbol. It is much easier to tolerate Dbol with a sound diet plan & keeping your sodium intake reasonable.


Being that Dianabol is a very potent anabolic steroid, it comes with its host of side effects. Other than the increase in blood pressure and water retention noted previously, the most important side effect to note here is that Dbol can be toxic to the kidneys. That's why it is used is limited in duration even among those who choose to disregard the risks. Potential heart problems are also another major issue. Additional side effects like severe acne, excessive hair growth, and oily skin are also common as well.

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