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Finasteride, better known under the brand name "Proscar" and "Propecia", is a 5a-reductase inhibitor which inhibits the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). What finasteride (Proscar, Propecia) can do and all you should know about it is here:


This drug is prescribed in medicine against prostate enlargement and in the fight against hair loss. Bodybuilders use finasteride to suppress or mitigate androgenic side effects.

The active substance itself acts neither androgenically, nor anabolically or estrogen, so that its only use is in the control of androgen-conditioned side effects, e.g. hair loss and prostate growth. The effect is already relatively fast and quite strong. Scientific studies have shown that even the small amount of 1mg can reduce the serum DHT concentration by about 65% within 24 hours.

DHT-sensitive athletes can, for example, already inject a certain amount of testosterone when using only a single 1mg tablet "Propecia" without experiencing excessively negative side effects. If more androgenic combinations are chosen, either the number of tablets is increased or the 5mg "Proscar tablets" are used. While there are no scientific studies on the use of finasteride in steroid users, the practice has shown good results in the use of the therapeutically recommended dosage of 1-5 mg / day.

Athletes therefore also usually lend themselves to this amount of active substance. Apart from the high price of a tablet, which hits somewhat negative, the use of the minimum effective dose is indicated anyway, since with a too large DHT restriction force and general performance losses are to be expected.


A notable feature of finasteride is, in addition, that it specifically inhibits type II of 5a-reductase enzyme, but type I not. Although Type II accounts for about two-thirds of the total amount of DHT in the body, the difference between these two enzymes should be considered briefly. While the type I has a predominant influence on the skin, the effect of the type II is shown more in the area of the prostate and the hair follicles. Therefore, the use of finasteride is primarily beneficial for problems with hair loss and the prostate, less for skin problems, e.g. acne or increased body hair growth. For this purpose, the dual active substance "Dutasteride" is far more suitable, since it blocks both isoenzyme species. An interesting point in finasteride, which should be mentioned, is that this drug raises the natural testosterone volume circulating in the bloodstream by about 15%. This is due to the fact that less testosterone is affected by the reductase and is converted to DHT. Lower DHT blood levels mean higher testosterone peaks in the bloodstream. Lower DHT blood levels mean higher testosterone peaks in the bloodstream.

Women are generally not advised on a finasteride application. Although the active substance also offers certain benefits to female steroid users, it should be noted that the use of finasteride should be avoided in pregnant women as well as those who wish to become pregnant. The DHT blocking effect can lead to serious damage to the fetus. In this context, skin contact with the tablets should also be avoided, since finasteride can also be absorbed easily through the skin.


Men usually use 1-5 mg per day, with the dosage as mentioned should be as low as possible. If 5 mg is used, it is recommended to split the daily dose as finasteride has a half-life of only 6-8 hours.


The known side effects of finasteride in men include erectile dysfunction (impotence), decreased libido, reduced ejaculate volume and hypersensitivity reactions. Furthermore, there may be a loss of strength and performance in athletes, in particular if a too high dosage is used. Aggressiveness and a willingness to have an extremely hard and intense workout may also be a problem in the application of finasteride.

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