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The drug "Aromasin" with its active substance "Exemestane" belongs to the selective aromatase inhibitors and is used in school medicine in the treatment of advanced breast cancer. What exemestane (Aromasin) can do and everything you should know about it is here:


Exemestane suppresses the aromatase enzyme and thus prevents excessive aromatization of androgens to estrogens. Hereby exemestane works very well. A daily dose of 25mg results in a reduction of the total aromatase activity by about 98%.

It is of particular interest in this context that the value of 98% can be maintained for 5-7 days. Therefore bodybuilders use every 2-3 days half to one tablet or alternatively a quarter of tablet daily. Such a dose is sufficient to prevent testosterone levels of 500-750 mg per week from aromatizing.

At higher doses from 400 mg / day, exemestane has a slightly androgenic effect, but this point is of no practical relevance since such high dosages are completely unrealistic because of the expensive price. The manufacturer "Pharmacia & Upjohn AG" justifies the possible androgenic effect of exemestane with the close relationship to androstenedione, a pro-hormone.


Exemestane also increases the luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormone (LH and FSH) independently of the dose, which is explained by the drop in the estrogen level and the associated feedback of the pituitary gland and subsequent gonadotropin release. For this reason, exemestane is often used in post-cycle therapy. The active substance exemestane is taken orally, the majority of which are already destroyed by the first pass in the liver. The manufacturer reports the loss of active substance at around 60%. Exemestane should ideally be taken to a high-fat meal as this increases the rate of resorption.

With exemestane, the third selective aromatase inhibitor of the new generation has been available since the beginning of 2003, which however, in comparison to anastrozole and letrozole, has to be dosed disproportionately higher. Since a 25 mg tablet exemestane costs exactly the same as 1 mg anastrozole and 2.5 mg letrozole, this point can however be neglected.


Athletes use exemestane primarily with strongly aromatizing steroids and use from a half to a whole 25mg tablet every 2-3 days or alternatively a quarter of tablet daily.

Competition bodybuilders who want to lower their estrogen levels just before a performance use higher doses in the short term, up to 25 mg per day as a stronger effect is desired.

Women are also benefiting from this active substance, but the intake only makes sense for female athletes to achieve the lowest possible fat content. Regular use increases the risk of virilization.

Exemestan has now also found its place in post-cycle therapy and is used here with a quarter to half 25mg tablet per day.


The known side effects of exemestane include hot flashes, sweating, headache, nausea, fatigue, depression and sleep disorders.

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