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Drostanolone enanthate is, just like the short-term ester, drostanolone propionate, a DHT derivative, which is primarily used in the preparation for the competition or for the diet and for the build-up of high-quality muscle mass.

It is clearly demonstrated during a competition preparation or diet and this is achieved in several different ways: Since it cannot be aromatized in any dosage, no matter what ester, the user does not need to worry about his form. On the contrary, due to lack of aromatisation to estrogens, fat storage and accumulation of water in the subcutaneous fat tissue are excluded. Just like drostanolone propionate, the drostanolone enanthate also has anti-estrogenic properties, which is of course beneficial during a diet.


In addition, drostanolone enanthate acts as an aldosterone antagonist, resulting in increased excretion of sodium and water. Drostanolone has a similar effect with steroids, such as stanozolol and fluoxymesterone, which also have a diuretic effect as an aldosterone counterpart and help the user to achieve a "dry" look, provided that the body fat content is already in a very low range.

As a strong androgen, drostanolone also helps to get enough bite in the training, even if a competition diet is hard on the body and on the nerves. Despite calorie- and carbohydrate-reduced diet, users speak of a strong pump during training and if at all, then only minimal power losses. Especially in combination with steroids such as testosterone, stanozolol and trenbolone, drostanolone can prevent not only a power but also a muscle loss during a hard diet.

If you like to exercise, you know that steroids increase the maximum strength of the muscles, but that there is a limiting factor, which is very difficult to control: the speech is, of course, about the central nervous system (CNS). Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and DHT derivatives affect the CNS in the positive sense and can help to recover faster after hard training units and prolonged competition preparation phases. Users generally refer to a strongly accelerated regeneration, both physical and mental. Athletes who feel tired and chipped during a diet and have once used drostanolone enanthate, often asked themselves why they did not discover this drug before.


The side effects of drostanolone enanthate are the usual for DHT derivatives as greasy skin and acne, hair growth on the body and loss of the head hair, increased blood pressure, deterioration of the blood fat values and increased aggressiveness. With a DHT blocker such as Finasteride (see also corresponding chapter) one cannot master these side effects, since drostanolone is already a finished DHT derivative and no longer has to be converted to DHT - thus a drug, that blocks the conversion to DHT, of course, does not take up here.


Hobby sportsmen who have not yet used drostanolone usually use 200, a maximum of 400 mg per week, and combine here with a depot testosterone to achieve a solid, high-quality muscle build-up. During a diet, trenbolone or stanozolol is often added.

Bodybuilders use drostanolone enanthate in doses from 600mg per week upwards and also combine with testosterone, trenbolone and / or stanozolol, but also stacks with fluoxymesterone are very popular in order to achieve maximum muscle hardness.

Women generally do not use drostanolone due to high androgenity.


Drostanolone enanthate penetrates deeply into the body's own hormone system and quickly slows testosterone production. Users are aware of this; and therefore, when breaking off, they pay attention to intensive post cycle therapy (PCT) with clomiphene and / or tamoxifen, as well as HCG in case of doubt.

Another way to quickly move the testosterone level back into the normal range is the use of triptorelin, see profile for this. Due to the length of the enanthate ester, users begin with the PCT about 10 days after the last injection.

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